Who Are We

We are a non-profit organization of civil society and faith leaders, representing different faiths, races, and nationalities, that believe in promoting the culture of lasting peace through fellowship and public service.

Our Mission 

Our mission is to promote and build a culture of peace through fellowship and public service, with the tenet that God is the author and the key to sustainable peace. From this vantage point, our mission is to build the bridge between divided communities and nations. Developing a problem-solution methodology paired with tactics to resolve conflict, HLPFF brings together diverse groups to build, promote and maintain peaceful relationships. 

What We Do

HLPFF empowers people to express God’s love in order to bring forth peace through the promotion of education, prayer, and the contribution of service to galvanize change. 

Our Five Foundational Pillars 


We are one family under God, who is the source of peace and the origin of all life. 



A peaceful world begins with the individual by overcoming challenges often arising from regional, religious, national, cultural, and language differences. 


The family unit is the building block to achieving social responsibility and teaching loving relationships. 


The purpose of fellowship is to cultivate a sense of community by facing life’s challenges together, including the need for open and honest dialogue.



A society functions well when its citizens are active participants in volunteering for public service and contributing to the resolution of problems in neighborhoods, communities, the region, and the world.